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KSL Newsradio Awards

Feb 14, 2018

KSL Newsradio's team of reporters and producers struck out into territory you don’t often associate with radio in 2017. We started equipping our team members with video equipment and tasked them with reporting their stories not just for the radio, but also for web, app, "over the top" services and social media.

This new way of looking at how we gather stories gave us an opportunity to tell those same stories in new ways. For example, we've experimented with telling stories only for social platforms, knowing that some of our work would never see airtime on our terrestrial radio station. Some stories, we've told without saying a single word. And to be fair, there are some stories we've learned we couldn’t have told any other way.

In one notable case, one of our reporters wore a GoPro camera as he plunged into the Provo River as part of a swift water training course. And yes, he told a great story on the radio, but the story lived on with video versions for YouTube, Facebook and beyond.

In another example, we took our team on what we called the "Road to Understanding" in 2017. We realized there was a disconnect between the perception of our listeners about the news, and what we thought we were saying to them. So we went on a listening tour, sending reporters out to every corner of our state to highlight communities where we aren't normally able to go. We sent a drone in addition to a less “flighty” camera to capture the heart of Utah. The resulting social and air campaign resulted in better understanding of our neighbors, and we believe, increased trust of local news in our region.

It's been quite an adventure, training a team of dedicated people who think in sound to think past the sound and become experts in visual elements. But we’ve been more than pleased with the results, and it's given us a chance to explore new venues for our products as a result.